I’m Selling Kalimba Magic, and Looking for a Buyer

Mark Holdaway, founder of Kalimba Magic

For 18 years, I have made my living from my business, Kalimba Magic. The basic premise of my business is that the Kalimba is a real musical instrument, capable of much musical magic. And so, I created a great many kalimba instructional guides showing people now to understand their kalimba and how to get good music out of it. I also worked with the community of kalimba players and together, we have made a great many exotic kalimba tunings available to the world, many with specialized instructional materials.

But now, I am ready for a change.

So, I am looking to the community of kalimba players and kalimba experts. How about you? Are you interested in buying Kalimba Magic… or do you know someone who might be interested?

The business Kalimba Magic includes: my entire inventory of various kalimbas, kalimba books, CDs, and other materials. I am also selling all intellectual property, including the rights to my 90 Kalimba books and downloads, and kalimba tunings and tuning charts. I am selling the KalimbaMagic.com website and other kalimba-related websites that I own. I am selling all social media accounts, including the 10,000 member Kalimba Magic mailing list, Kalimba Magic Facebook page, the Kalimba Magic YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest pages. I am also selling all business contacts, wholesale kalimba accounts, and writeups of all methods and procedures involved in the business. I will also be selling a semi-functional but unreleased Kalimba app, Magic Kalimba.

After I sell Kalimba Magic, my plan is to play and perform more music, and give workshops and presentations on how to play the kalimba, as well as the history of the kalimba. I will also be available as a kalimba consultant for the future Kalimba Magic.

Kalimba Magic isn’t exactly a “plug and play” business. Part of the business is retuning or otherwise rebuilding kalimbas into specialty designs. Most of the kalimbas we ship also require some tine painting and tuning or retuning. We don’t build anything from scratch, but we re-create kalimbas that are not sold anywhere else. This will obviously be a very hands-on business.

When I sell Kalimba Magic, there are two ancillary things I am looking for in a buyer:

(1) When I started Kalimba Magic in 2005, it was because African Musical Instruments (AMI, the makers of the Hugh Tracey Kalimba), had just lost two US distributors in two years, and I could not imagine a world without Hugh Tracey Kalimbas – so I jumped in and started a business to help popularize the kalimba, and the Hugh Tracey Kalimba in particular. So, it is my hope that the future Kalimba Magic would continue to buy and sell Hugh Tracey Kalimbas.

(2) Almost all of my kalimba instructional downloads have links to MP3 files that you can listen to for illustrating how each song or lesson is to be played. There are tens of thousands of these downloads out in the world. After I sell Kalimba Magic, people will still be clicking on these links to hear their downloads. It is my expectation that the future Kalimba Magic would continue to make these sound files accessible. And of course, that they will continue to sell those kalimba instructional downloads that have been a mainstay of my business.

So, if you are interested in purchasing Kalimba Magic and all that it entails, please contact me.




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