“Do you have any kalimba tablature for a kalimba in B?”

OK – I can help you, but I do not have any music written explicitly for the kalimba in B. First, lets explore what

You should be able to follow the tablature for the C standard tuning.

I have attached tablature — showing you which tines to play — for a 17/C kalimba. It assumes that you have 6 painted tines. Give this a try?
Put red sharpie marker marks on the appropriate 6 tines (the ones that are shaded on the tablature… not the center, but just right of center and just left of center).
And see if you cannot follow along with AwayInAManger_17.pdf (attached). You will not care about what exact note you are playing.

UNLESS… of course, you have a Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba,,,, 17 notes, in the key of G… with a low note of B (the 3rd of G). If this is your kalimba, you will have 5 painted tines and the center one, B, is painted. If this is your tuning, you can play the chorus to “Silverbells” starting on the low central note and working up the scale – see attachment #2.

To be perfectly clear: While my books assume that the Treble in G (with low note of B) has 5 painted tines…. and my books assume that the 17-Note in C with a low note of C (or 17-note in B with a low note of B) have 6 painted tines…. just because you have 5 or 6 painted tines doesn’t really indicate which kalimba you have. The TUNING is the important thing. Do you know, or understand, your tuning? AND… which of the two attached tablatures actually results in the correct song being played?

– Mark Holdaway // Kalimba Magic

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