Available as a Download: Alto Fundamentals, Our First Book from 2006

People ordering our books internationally have run into problems with expensive postal fees. The answer? Don’t buy a kalimba book, but purchase an instructional download. It costs less, you don’t pay for shipping, and you can click to get the sound recording to hear how the song goes.

The Alto Fundamentals eBook is a good introductory PDF eBook for the Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba – 34 pages with tablature, photos and live links to MP3 files.

When I learned how to play kalimba 35 years ago, there were no books.  16 years ago, this was the very first kalimba book I wrote that uses kalimba tablature. You can learn more about using tablature here.

There are now many books for the Alto kalimba, but no matter what kind of music you want to play, you should probably start with this one.

This book starts with how to keep your kalimba properly tuned and covers various playing techniques. It touches on music theory and harmony, showing you chords, scales, and intervals. Various left-right exercises are included. Many beautiful songs, such as Wimmoweh, Stir It Up, Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, This Land is Your Land, are included.

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