Hi Mark, It is Fortunato. I hope you are doing well, my ‘Kalimba journey,’ as you call it, is flourishing, I play every day (alto and tremble kalimba, afroharp and kalimba moon) to myself and people I work with, it has been giving me so much, and I can’t thank you enough for your work and inspiration. My question for you regards amplificator for kalimba. I got a mini amplificator FLY, it is for guitar. I have never used an amplificator bofore, I thought that any amplificator would work. When I use it with my Kalimba PU, the sound of it is somehow distorted even I don’t use any of the options the amplificator provides. I love the sound of the kalimba as it is, but with the amplificator is somehow different. I am not sure if it is because I am not using the right amplificator, or I am not using proporly the amplificator that I have, or because I have never heard a kalimba played with an amplificator and it seems so unusual for me. I thought that you may have some advise for me in this regard (I play kalimba in the retirement home where I work…your books of hymns and spiritual for alto kalimba are very popular and when I have to play for groups it is harder to play the kalimba with no amplification). Thank you Mark for any advice you may have for me, Fortunato

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