Hugh Tracey SaReGaMa BOX-mounted Lotus Karimba This is the SaReGaMa Lotus-tuned Karimba, but in a new box-mounted model... Product #: Lotus_BOX_Karimba Regular price: $150.00 $150.00

SaReGaMa BOX-mounted Lotus Karimba

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: Lotus_BOX_Karimba

Price: $150.00

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Remove Karimba Buzzers?:

If you don't want buzzers on your karimba, we'll take them off.

Lotus Tuning:

Instructional materials (not included) presume the standard Gm/Cm Lotus Tuning, which is how this kalimba is tuned if you dan't specify.

SaReGaMa's enchanting Lotus-tuned karimba is now available in a box-mounted model. The hardware is the same as the African tuned Karimba, and the box is the same as the Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba - but the tuning is all SaReGaMa Lotus.

This tuning works in either G minor or C minor.

Kalimba Magic will pay SaReGaMa the Artist 10% of each sale of the SaReGaMa style karimba.

Learn more about the SaReGaMa-tuned Karimbas.