Hugh Tracey I Ching Kalimba Specialty 13-note kalimba based on a Hugh Tracey Treble to play the I Ching compositions. .. Product #: HT_IChing_Kalimba Regular price: $120.00 $120.00

I Ching Kalimba

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: HT_IChing_Kalimba

Price: $120.00

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This kalimba is the instrument used to play Per Norgard's composition I-Ching. Its music ranges among airy and sunny to nostalgic to mournful.

The I Ching kalimba has 13 tines and is tuned to E major, though the low note is B3 and the high note is C#6.


You have OPTIONS (click on the I Ching Options box below):

  • Board mounted (made from a Hugh Tracey Celeste Treble): $120
  • Board mounted + Pickup (from a Celeste Treble): $140
  • Box mounted (made from a Hugh Tracey Treble): $145
  • Box mounted + Pickup (made from a Treble): $155

Listen to these sound clips:

I-Ching on Board

I-Ching on Box

I-CHing on Box + PU

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