Baba Marimba * Tango de los Muertos Baba Marimba's first CD of world beat dance music, including marimbas, trumpet and sax, kalimbas, dr.. Product #: CD_BABA_1 Regular price: $15.00 $15.00

Baba Marimba * Tango de los Muertos

Product Code: CD_BABA_1

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Tango de los Muertos (2012)
Baba Marimba

Baba Marimba (Heidi Wilson, Mike Ankomeus, Mark Holdaway, Swami Peizer, and Michael Holloway) plays organic world beat dance music with marimbas, percussion, kalimbas, guitar, and sublime horns. A musical experience you will not want to miss! 55 minutes, 12 songs, a musical journey through Africa, the middle east, South America, the Caribbean, tinged with the sound of 1960s jazz clubs in Harlem.

"This is the best musical project any of us have ever been part of!" - unanimously quoted from all of the band members.

For a limited time, you can download two of the songs off the CD for free:
Tango de los Muertos
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