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Hugh Tracey Chromatic Treble

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: HTChromaticTreble
Out of stock (Product will be available at: 06-08-2020)

Price: $150.00

Available Options

Tine Color:

Choose the color of the painted tines, or take "Soonest Available" or "Unpainted."

Soonest Available
Unpainted (-$4.00)
Custom Paint (+$10.00)
Treble Chromatic Tunings:

Visit the chromatic tuning page to understand these two tunings.

17 notes in C on front, 17 in B on back
Non-redundant C: 17 front/13 back (+$6.00)
Add Kalimba Bag:
Add Kalimba Bag (+$10.00)

This is an option for playing complex, chromatic music with medium or smaller hands.

Hugh Tracey Treble Box Chromatic Kalimba w Pickup, in C, 17 notes each side.

This kalimba is painted and organized like the Bb Treble or the Alto kalimba on the front, but in the key of C. It can read Alto tablature, and has 2 octaves plus 2 more notes on top, or 17 notes ranging from C 4 (middle C) to E6. On the back is a "left handed" kalimba of 17 notes in the key of B. This means that there are B's and F's on both the front and back.

Who should get this kalimba? Only people who really know what they are getting themselves into! Like the Chromatic Alto, this is a challenging instrument. However, given that the tines are smaller and there are more on the front (17 instead of the Alto's 15), and given that there are no gaps on the back because it has all the notes in the key of B (the gaps in the Alto chromatic design help you to keep your place on the back side where your fingers play the notes, where your eyes cannot see), this is the most challenging kalimba we sell.

On the other hand, there are people (such as myself since 2007) who favor the Treble, and if you are up for this instrument, YOU are the reason why I custom-ordered these from AMI... and to get one for myself!

So, while it is a bit over the top to say "Abandon hope all who get this kalimba", I will say "Proceed with caution."

Listen to this sound clip:

Chromatic Treble

Some people who get this kalimba opt for the redundant notes on the back (B and E) to be removed.  Why?  The gaps on the back (just like the gaps in the black notes on the piano) act as guide posts, helping you find your way.  Removing the redundant tines on the back costs an extra $10.

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