Hokema Hokema B11 "Melody" Kalimba A sweet kalimba, more capable than the B9 Sansula... Product #: HOKEMA B11 MELODY Regular price: $75.00 $75.00

Hokema B11 "Melody" Kalimba

Brand: Hokema
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The B11 "Melody" Kalimba, made by the same people who make the Sansula, is a much more capable instrument.  It is in the key of G, which is generally useful, and has a range of G3 (G below middle C) to A5 (two octaves and a whole step above the lowest note).  The two octave range is important.  The lower octave is sparsely populated, which makes this good for accompaniment.  The upper octave has every note in the G major scale, plus one more note in the high A, which means there are a lot of melodies you can play on this instrument.

Frankly, I am very impressed with it - after playing it for about 20 minutes, this great B11 song popped out.  I have Teri Gross to thank for this, as her Bruce Springstein interview aired yesterday, and this sounds a lot like it is from "Born to Run".