Hugh Tracey Hugh Tracey Chromatic Celeste Alto This is a two octave board-mounted chromatic kalimba with the chromatic notes on the back... Product #: HTChromaticBoard Regular price: $150.00 $150.00

Hugh Tracey Chromatic Celeste Alto

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: HTChromaticBoard

Price: $150.00

Available Options

Tine Color:

Choose the color of the painted tines, or take "Soonest Available" or "Unpainted."

Alto Chromatic Tunings:

If you don't select, we'll ship "Standard G on Front".  You can learn more about the chromatic tunings on the chromatic tuning page.

Add Kalimba Bag:
Add tuning hammer?:

This tiny hammer will help you achieve more accurate tine tuning, and will elminate finger pain from tuning "by hand". A win-win for sure.

This is an option for playing chromatic with medium or smaller hands.

The board is 3/4 inch thick and this is the kalimba that Sharon plays in the YouTube video. This one is definitely better for small hands - meaning many women and also many men (ie, not just children).

Each of these kalimbas come with the built in pickup.

Listen to this sound clip:

Chromatic Celeste Alto

The chromatic kalimba comes in G on the front, with the notes out of the scale on the back. If you want it tuned to C on the front, that takes work and will cost an additional $10.

Learn more about the Chromatic Kalimba.