Thomas Bothe Thomas Bothe 2B 9B Kalimba w Buzzers This tiny kalimba is one of the sweetest instruments you will ever play. More of a personal companio.. Product #: 2B-9Note+B Regular price: $99.00 $99.00

Thomas Bothe 2B 9B Kalimba w Buzzers

Brand: Thomas Bothe
Product Code: 2B-9Note+B

Price: $99.00

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The tiny Thomas Bothe "2B" kalimbas are one of the most exciting developments to come along in the kalimba world. They are amazingly beautiful, each tuned to a different scale. The 2B/9B - a 9 note kalimba with buzzers - comes with two magnets which are mysteriously attached to the wood. These "feet" can conduct the vibrations to a sound board such as a table, box, or door, or can attach the kalimba to a frame drum or a frame resonator.

The 2B/9B buzzers are accomplished with a thin metal rod at the foot of the kalimba which has small metal rings on it. When the kalimba wood vibrates, it vibrates the metal rod, which makes the rings jump up and down, making a gentle buzzing sound.

The "2B" Kalimbas come with an optional frame resonator - a wood frame with goat skin. The kalimba is mounted onto the resonator via the magnets. The 9-note-size resonator adds $65 to the instrument cost.

While they are pricey, the "2B" Kalimbas have the lowest markup of any of the instruments I sell.