Thomas Bothe Thomas Bothe 2B 14L Large Kalimba The Large size of the fantastic Thomas Bothe 2B/14 kalimba, this is an amazing kalimba that practica.. Product #: 2B-14L Regular price: $250.00 $250.00

Thomas Bothe 2B 14L Large Kalimba

Brand: Thomas Bothe
Product Code: 2B-14L

Price: $250.00

The Thomas Bothe "2B" kalimbas are one of the most exciting developments to come along in the kalimba world. They are amazingly beautiful, each tuned to a different scale. Each 14-note "2B" kalimba comes with four magnets which are mysteriously attached to the wood. These four "feet" can conduct the vibrations to a sound board such as a table, box, or door. The 2B/14L kalimba - a larger version of the 2B/14 kalimba, is available for $250 (limited time).

In the Video Tab, you can see Sean Murphy who had just picked up the 2B/14L kalimba for the first time 30 minutes before . Yes, he is sometimes a bit unsure of where the notes are, but beyond that hesitation, he demonstrates that he can totally rock this kalimba.

The "2B" Kalimbas come with an optional frame resonator - a wood frame with goat skin. The kalimba is mounted onto the resonator via the magnets. The resonator adds $90 to the instrument cost.

While they are pricey, the "2B" Kalimbas have the lowest markup of any of the instruments I sell, and the markup is even lower when the frame resonator and the bag are added in. Hence, I am not accepting coupons or discounts on purchases of the 2B Kalimbas. When they become more established, I will raise the price on this instrument.

Sean Patrick Murphy plays his brand new 2B/14L on the day he bought it from Kalimba Magic. Mark's feet and guitar in the background.

Two 2B/14L kalimbas in different tunings playing against each other.