Kalimba Magic The Alto Kalimba Primer (Booklet) This booklet is a great introduction to the instructional resources available for the Alto Kalimba. .. Product #: ALTO_PRIMER Regular price: $6.00 $6.00

The Alto Kalimba Primer (Booklet)

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: ALTO_PRIMER

Price: $6.00

This 24-page, 25-song tablature-based booklet includes a URL from which you can download MP3s of each song. The first half of the booklet shows you how to take a simple phrase and expand upon it in various ways - techniques that you can apply to any little 10-note phrase you invent and turn it into 10 mintutes of music. The second half of the booklet gives you one song from each of ten different books and downloads for the Alto Kalimba - a great introduction to what instructional material is available for the Alto Kalimba.

This booklet will be included for free when you purchase any Alto Kalimba from Kalimba Magic, starting 12/18/2014. However, feel free to order this booklet if you purchased an Alto Kalimba before that date and missed out.