Kalimba Magic Kalimba Christmas Carols for the Alto and Treble Kalimbas Beginners and old pros alike can use this book to experience the joys of playing Christmas music on .. Product #: BKCHRIST1 Regular price: $15.00 $15.00

Kalimba Christmas Carols for the Alto and Treble Kalimbas

Brand: Kalimba Magic
Product Code: BKCHRIST1

Price: $15.00

This book starts with simple carols with a single melody line, but builds in complexity to cover chordal accompaniment and counterpoint. There is something here for everyone. Our revolutionary new tablature really helps you get going quickly on these songs. We've seen 6-year-olds reading this tablature. The included CD has each of the 25 Christmas Carols as performed by Mark Holdaway, first time through as written, second time through embellished with improvised swirls!

Most of the songs here are for the Alto kalimba, about 1/4 are for the Treble.  You can see the song list, including which songs are arranged for which kalimba, in the additional images for this product.

We also have books of Advanced Christmas Carols for both the Alto and the Treble kalimbas.