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10 Traditional African Pieces for G Karimba

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Welcome to our collection of 10 traditional African tunes for the Hugh Tracey G Karimba. These ten songs come from two sources: five are from the insert page written by Andrew Tracey which comes with the Hugh Tracey African-tuned karimba, and five come from the appendix of Paul F. Berliner's book "The Soul of Mbira". Some of Paul F. Berliner's songs came from a paper authored by Andrew Tracey. Most of these songs go back to the Shona karimba master Jege Tapera. Andrew Tracey met Jege Tapera in 1960 when Hugh and Andrew Tracey were visiting in Rhodesia to help set up the Kwanongoma College of Music.

What makes this collection of karimba tunes valuable? How is it an improvement on the songs in Andrew Tracey's insert and Paul F. Berliner's book? First, this collection has been transcribed into an easy-to-read tablature which has all of the tines drawn out, but uses standard western rhythmic notation. Together, the visual tablature and the rhythmic notation make this tablature much easier to read than the more symbolic numbers-based systems used by the other authors. But the feature of the tablature in this collection which makes it really useful is the fact that it comes in both PDF and KTabS (Kalimba Tablature Software) format.  The KTabS Reader is available for free at the KTabS website.

The songs available are:

  • Chikunda
  • Kana_Ndod
  • Meria
  • Shumba_panzira
  • Wa_Kalulu
  • Bunga_Utete
  • Bustu MTandari
  • Chemutengure
  • RovaNgomaMtawasa
  • SadzaMadyaHere