Hokema Hokema 9-Note Pentatonic Kalimba Made by the same people who make the legendary Sansula, this is a beautiful box-resonator kalimba. .. Product #: HOKEMA KAL9-PENTA Regular price: $105.00 $105.00

Hokema 9-Note Pentatonic Kalimba

Brand: Hokema

Price: $105.00

This is a charming kalimba tuned to an A minor pentatonic scale. My friend Glen says: "I really like this box, its got a beautiful tone." The wah-wah sound made by covering and uncovering the sound hole works best in the low notes, giving this kalimba a rather dark and deep feeling.

Hear what the Hokema Pentatonic sounds

Dobet Gnahore plays an ostinato pattern on this great song using her 9-Note Hokema Kalimba.