Hugh Tracey Hugh Tracey 8-Note Kalimba + PU Just like the HT8, only louder if you plug it in. Now available in several different tunings!.. Product #: 8NOTEAMI+P Regular price: $84.00 $84.00

Hugh Tracey 8-Note Kalimba + PU

Brand: Hugh Tracey
Product Code: 8NOTEAMI+P

Price: $84.00

Available Options

Tine Color:

Choose the color of the painted tines, or take "Soonest Available" or "Unpainted."

8-Note Tuning:

If you don't select, we'll ship "Standard C Tuning".  You can learn more about the alternative tunings on the 8-Note tuning page.

Add Kalimba Bag:

And what is cuter than a happy kid playing a little kalimba through a big amp?

In the standard tuning, the 8-Note kalimba is tuned to one octave of the key of C - "Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do". There is a lot of familar music available to this tuning.

We have no sound recording of the 8-Note + PU, please listen to this acoustic sound clip without pickup:

8-Note Kalimba, Standard C

8-Note Kalimba, Sansula Tuning

Learn more about the 8-Note Kalimba.