Goshen Goshen-15 Kalimba Goshen-15 Kalimba in G plays everything the Alto Kalimba plays... Product #: GOSHEN-15 Regular price: $63.00 $63.00

Goshen-15 Kalimba

Brand: Goshen
Product Code: GOSHEN-15

Price: $63.00

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Alto Tuning:

Most people (90%) want the Standard G Tuning (Alto books presume this tuning). You can check out the alternative Alto tunings.

Tine Color:

Choose tine color six of the tines are painted, or take "Soonest Available" tine color.

This cute little kalimba is tuned to 2 octaves in the key of G, and it can read Alto tablature. Plus, it is uniquely affordable for a kalimba that is actually tuned and can actually play music.

Goshen kalimbas fit in the hand nicely, are made with smooth wood, and have softish tines that are excellent for new players or young players. However, the tines are not held in place very tightly, and rou8gh handling can make tines go out of tune or even fall off the instrument - so be careful and don't give this instrument to young children unsupervised - it is not a toy.

We don't paint these tines, but we will put sharpee marker on the relevant tines if you request. Why paint every third kalimba tine? It helps you keep your place on the instrument, helps you cross correctly from left to right and vise versa, and and to assist in transferring notes from the tablature to your kalimba.

You can find information about the Alto on the"How to Play" the Alto Kalimba Page.

Goshen 15-Note Alto Kalimba