Kalimba Magic Large Quilted Kalimba Bags from Africa The large bags are sized to fit two Alto and two Treble kalimba boxes... Product #: KM_BAG_LARGE_QUILTED Regular price: $79.00 $79.00

Large Quilted Kalimba Bags from Africa

Brand: Kalimba Magic

Price: $79.00

The large bags vary a bit in size and will fit three to four kalimba boxes.  They will also fit a sansula in the sansula's cardboard box, wood case, or black padded bag. The quilted bags offer more protection (than unquilted) to the kalimbas.

These kalimba bags are designed, hand sewn and quilted by Louise Sloman-Fuller, who worked for 20 years for African Musical Instruments (AMI) the makers of Hugh Tracey kalimbas. Louise, who has been an artisan for many years, recently retired from AMI and is now applying her craft to creating bags that perfectly fit Hugh Tracey kalimbas.

Each bag fastens with a button, and each bag has a simple, strong shoulder strap.

Each bag is unique, which means only one looks exactly like the cover photo. Photos of additional bags are also included, and you can ask for a bag by its letter or number. I will cross the letters off of the photos as they sell. (Yes, I am going to great lengths to make this work for Louise - but after her two decades of faithful service to AMI, I am happy to help her out in this way.)