Nov. 28, 2014

Vol. 9, Num. 3

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On Ancient Music
It gives me a huge thrill to piece these songs together in my mind, to be touched by and to understand something of the Ancient Logic in these songs. The people who wrote this music, a half a world away from me in Africa and perhaps centuries ago, I see that they were every bit as awesome in what they did as any rock star is today. I open up my heart to let the logic and the spirit of this music live on in me.
On Sale through Dec 31, 2014
Internationally renowned kalimba master Kevin Spears has mesmerized audiences around the world with his unique approach to playing kalimba, using effects and innovative tunings. For a limited time only (until Dec. 31st) we are able to offer the Kevin Spears Style Kalimba (KSSK) which features Kevin's unique tuning exclusively here at KalimbaMagic!
New downloads for Karimbas in A and F, and for Alto
Ivodna Galatea has supplied me with source material for 11 new advanced traditional African songs for the 15-Note F karimba, the Kwanongoma College of African Music instrument (also known as Dumisani's mbira nyunga nyunga). I have translated these to the 17-Note Hugh Tracey Karimba in A and also to the Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba in G. I like to imagine hundreds of people around the world learning these tunes together. Good Luck!
by Angie Holdaway
Confined to bed to accommodate my fatigue, I grieved the loss of purpose and meaning in my life... My mind turned to picking up the dusty alto kalimba and sansula that Mark, my son, had given me years earlier... Now, every touch of my thumbnail to the tines of the kalimba and the sansula opens up for me a new world of melodic tunes, almost as if this novice player cannot play an incorrect note.
Walking with the Kalimba
Mark walking with kalimba
One of the keys to modern psychology is an understanding of how nature and nurture interact to result in various psychological outcomes - it's called the diathesis-stress model. The bottom line: if you don't get stressed, or if you have ways of dealing with your stress, it can prevent you from getting sick. I myself find the kalimba to be one great tool to help relieve and release stress.
by Omkar Tandavan
Have you been to the Branly Museum in Paris? It's the museum of art and civilizations of Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas. It is the latest museum built in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower. I found an interesting piece in the African section. It is a king seated with a sanza (another name for kalimba) in his hands.
Vote for one of these entrants!
We asked the world: "What is your favorite kalimba and why?" and we got some good submissions. Please check out these stories (listed alphabetically by author), and VOTE for the person whose favorite kalimba story resonates most with you.
by Ivodne Galatea & Mark Holdaway
No, that is not a goodyear radial tire you see here, but an image of a kalimba illustrated by William Blake for a book by John Gabriel Stedman about the slave uprising in Surinam, South America, 1772-1777. Another early historic reference to the kalimba.

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