Nov. 9, 2014

Vol. 9, Num. 2

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Student Karimba Book for Kids
A 16-page booklet written for age 8 and up
with mp3s for 20 songs available as downloads

When I wrote the Student Karimba book a few years ago, my target audience lay somewhere between teachers and ethnomusicology buffs - that is, I used a lot of words in that book to explain the things I had learned about the Student Karimba - how it is called the "Kalimba Core" and the "Original Mbira" by Andrew Tracey, and how it acted as an essential stepping stone in the evolution of the African mbira in the Zambezi Valley of south-eastern Africa, i.e., this little non-assuming karimba appears to have have played an important role in the history of the mbira...

Since then I have come to realize that the 8 or 9-note Student Karimba is so easy to play that young kids can pick it up and do wonderful things with it! The Goshen 9-Note Student Karimba also has particularly soft and smooth tines, perfect for the tender thumbs of younger children, i.e., this karimba makes a great kids' instrument. SO we now present an instructive booklet, geared for young minds and fingers, which shows kids how to play the Student Karimba. All student karimbas will ship with this booklet at no additional charge, but you can purchase the booklet by itself for $5 including shipping.

This 20-song "Student Karimba for Kids" booklet gives a gradual introduction to the instrument. The book starts with a simple version of "Mary Had a Little Lamb", then adds harmony, accompaniment, and "African-style counterpoint", easing the young player from western music into the thumb motions that can take them deep into ancient African musical ideas. With this little booklet, we also provide a URL from which mp3s can be downloaded for each song in either C (for the Goshen 8-Note Box Student Karimba) or G (for the Goshen 9-Note Board-Mounted Student Karimba or the Hugh Tracey 9-Note Board-Mounted Student Karimba). The Catania 8-Note Student Karimba comes tuned to either C or G (your choice).

I recorded the above video to demonstrate one of the songs in this booklet, but an accidental digital delay transformed it into a demonstration of the depth and potential of the music in this book, as well as of the seemingly simple 8-Note Student Karimba. Below is the page from the Student Karimba for Kids booklet showing the song that I am playing in the above video.

StuKar Book

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