Sept. 7, 2014

Vol. 9, Num. 1

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Kalimba Magic Social Media Blitz
Kalimba Magic has been posting videos on YouTube and kalimba music and photos from the wider kalimba community on Tumblr for some time, but now we're starting a social media campaign on the platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We would love to connect with you on these other venues!
Your Most Amazing Kalimba Experience
What is your most amazing kalimba story? Share your stories with us and you could win up to $160 towards a new kalimba! All finalists will have their story and photo posted on the Kalimba Magic Facebook page and get a free Kalimba CD. Of course, I couldn't announce this contest without sharing one of my most amazing kalimba stories. Don't worry - I won't enter my story in the contest, but Rick might enter his...
Made by Richard Bowring in the UK
With its crystal clear sound, haunting wah-wah effect and mystical tuning, the Hokema Sansula has been one of the wonders of the kalimba world for more than a decade. Now there is an attractive wood form-fitting case you can get to protect your Sansula. Also, read about the proper care for your Sansula to protect it, even if you don't have the wood case.
Learn her song Vanavogwara on Karimba
Chiwoniso, daughter of Dumisani Maraire, who himself had studied from Jega Tapera, was directly connected to the ancient music of the karimba. She passed from this life last summer, but she lives on through her music. We have tablature for her song Vanavogwara.
An Exploratory Discussion with Vlad
This article explores how to add chords to melodies. A chord is made when you have more than one note playing at the same time. Most classical chords are triads, or three notes (the 1, 3, and the 5). Richer chords have other notes added, but we will skip over that today. In order to play a triad on the kalimba, you may need to arpeggiate (play the notes one at a time) or play a glissando (swiftly drag the tip of your thumb nail over three adjacent tines).
How Playing Karimba Saved a Man's Life
Rick told me of how he had had both a heart attack and a stroke, and had been in a coma for five weeks. Towards the end of his coma, he became aware of the people in the room with him. He knew his brother was there, and he also knew the doctor was speaking of the diminished hope remaining in Rick's unresponsive condition. The doctor was indicating that it was time to accept that Rick would probably be in an unresponsive vegetative state for the rest of his life, but Rick's brother would have none of it. While the doctor and nurse were out of the room, Rick's brother put an Alto Kalimba into the comatose man's hands...
Searching for an illustrator for The Magical Music Box

Are you an artist or an illustrator with an interest in the kalimba and its magical properties? Several years ago, I wrote a story called "The Magical Music Box" about a little music box that magically plays the favorite Christmas carol of whoever holds it. The magic box can even play a song for the rabbi who doesn't celebrate Christmas. I am now looking for someone to illustrate this book.

Read about a kalimba perforance from the 17th Century!
Kalimba enthusiast Ivodne Galatea has provided a translation from the original Italian of one of the first written accounts of the kalimba by a European, from Filippo Buonanni's Gabinetto when he visited in Mozambique shortly before 1723. In this text, we learn that kalimba was used in Catholic celebrations...
by Andrew Tracey

"I'm sometimes asked why my father, the late Hugh Tracey, named the instrument that he designed the kalimba and not mbira - or any other name... People also wonder about the relationship between the original kalimbas of the Zambezi Valley region and the Hugh Tracey Kalimbas sold by AMI (African Musical Instruments)."

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