Sept. 7, 2014

Vol. 9, Num. 1

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Kalimba Magic Social Media Blitz


Kalimba Magic is starting a social media campaign on the platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Of course, we've been posting videos on YouTube and kalimba music and photos from the wider kalimba community on Tumblr for some time. We would love to connect with you at these other venues, and we invite you to join us.

What does it mean if I LIKE Kalimba Magic on Facebook? First of all, each week there will be special coupon codes for kalimba discounts (typically in the 20-25% range) that go out only to the FaceBook and Twitter communities. You'll learn about a different kalimba each week, what makes it special, along with links to instructional material (much of it free) for that kalimba.

These Facebook posts are also telling the big stories of the kalimba, how it came to be, and what people are doing with the kalimba. We are weaving these stories from both old Kalimba Magic web content and new material we are creating in conjunction with the social media campaign. And we expect more and more kalimba material from other kalimba players to make its way onto the Kalimba Magic Facebook page, giving you the opportunity to connect with a larger kalimba community.

By the way, another great place to meet other kalimba players is the Kalimba and Sansula Lover's Group on Facebook, where we re-post some of our Kalimba Magic content.

Kalimba Magic is developing these social media venues to provide you with the latest uptodatest on kalimbas and the kalimba community.

Many thanks to Wende Gonzales of Social Grace Media who is facilitating our social media campaign.

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