Sept. 7, 2014

Vol. 9, Num. 1

Kalimba Magic NEWS

Great New Wooden Cases for the Sansula
Made by Richard Bowring in the UK

Sansula Case with Sansula
New! Sansula Cases at Kalimba Magic.

With its crystal clear sound, haunting wah-wah effect, and mystical tuning, the Hokema Sansula has been one of the wonders of the kalimba world for more than a decade. They come in a form-fitting somewhat-padded cardboard box, which will last several years if treated properly. I can say that my cardboard Sansula boxes have lasted me over five years and are still looking good and protecting my Sansulas. However, if you would like more protection for your Sansula, we now carry a good sturdy wood sansula case.

Before we get into the new sansula case, let's review the proper care of the Sansula: The standard Sansula (which we no longer carry) has a paper membrane and is extremely delicate and can break when dropped from a height of only a few feet. The Renaissance Sansula (made with a synthetic Remo drum head material) and the Deluxe Sansula (made with goat skin) are more robust than the standard Sansula, but these are still delicate instruments and should be treated with care and respect:

Inside view of Sansula case

Do you need a wood Sansula case? What if you have torn apart your cardboard Sansula box? Or what if you just know the cardboard boxes aren't going to stand up to the way you live and travel? Kalimba Magic is happy to announce that we now have form-fitting, internally-padded, hinged wood Sansula cases for sale for $95. These cases are made by Richard Bowring in the UK, and fit the Deluxe Sansula, the Sansula Renaissance, and the standard Sansula (no longer carried by Kalimba Magic). BTW, Richard Bowring also has a nice step-by-step video showing you how to transform a broken standard Sansula into a goat-skin sporting deluxe sansula. By the way, if you live in the UK or EU, you may want to contact Richard directly through his YouTube channel to get one that didn't cross the ocean twice - all that flying increases the price.

Bottom view of Sansula case
Bottom view. Chino, the new Kalimba Magic cat, approves.

Some of the things that are good about Richard's Sansula cases:

View from front of closed Sansula case.
View from front of closed Sansula case.


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