Sept. 7, 2014

Vol. 9, Num. 1

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Calling All Artists!
Searching for an illustrator for The Magical Music Box

Magical Music Box

Are you an artist or an illustrator with an interest in the kalimba and its magical properties?

Several years ago, I wrote a story called The Magical Music Box about a little music box that magically can play the favorite Christmas carol of whoever holds it. The magic box can even play a song for the rabbi who doesn't celebrate Christmas.

This story was conceived as I was driving to a performance at an independent living center for the elderly one day near Christmas some years back. I was thinking to myself: "I need a good Christmas story that includes the kalimba."

And as I drove, this story rose up in my mind - almost magically - finishing up as I pulled into the parking lot. I performed it for the first time that day, and oh how thrilling for me that they loved it!

I have been performing this story now for about eight years, and sometimes I even perform it in the summer in Tucson just because it makes it feel a bit cooler on our hot hot days. Two years ago, I wrote the story up as a book and recorded myself telling the story and playing the kalimba music for the carols - of course, the kalimba plays the part of the magical music box. I sell this as a book with a CD insert. However, I haven't exactly sold very many of these books, in large part I believe because they are not illustrated. It is time to change that.

Are you an artist or an illustrator working at a professional level? Would you have time to collaborate on illustrations for this story in the next few months? If this sounds like you, please contact me with a link to some of your art work and your mailing address . If I like your art, I will send you a copy of the un-illistrated Magical Music Box book for you to read and listen to and decide if you want to proceed. I HOPE that I send out several of these book/CDs, in which case I will have to choose among several illustrators.

Terms of payment for the art work are negotiable, but I would like to pay a modest flat fee for each illustration, plus a royalty payment per book published, plus some number of free books.

Again, please contact me if you would like a crack at illustrating The Magical Music Box.

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