Feb 18, 2012

Vol. 7, Num. 1

Kalimba Magic

Black History Month

New Book and Download for the Catania 12-Note
Two new ways to become a stellar 12-Note player!

12 Note Exercises Book

The Kalimba Magic 12-Note Kalimba Exercises

Later this month, we will be releasing our long-awaited book: The Kalimba Magic 12-Note Kalimba Exercises. The book will cost $16, but you can pre-order it for $9.60, or 40% off, between now and the release date (about Feb 25). The book is actually based on a 12-Note exercises download that will no longer be available. A huge advance over the old download is that the book actually guides you through the exercises and explains a lot more.

This book explores four different scales and several patterns around each, shows you many chords and how to build up complex riffs from simple patterns, includes many exercises and patterns to help you learn the kalimba like the back of your hand, and offers examples of different approaches to songs, i.e., melody only, with harmony accompaniment, with rhythmic counterpoint, etc.

In other words, this book teaches you the nitty gritty of getting really good on the 12-Note Catania kalimba. 62 pages. This book does not come with a CD, but when you purchase this book you will have free access to a web page with the MP3s of each song in the book - so you can download the music files to hear what each song sounds like.

66 Songs Download for the 12-Note Kalimba

We are also making available a download of 66 different songs for the Catania 12-Note kalimba. The download includes tablature in both PDF and KTabS* format and an MP3 for each song. The songs span a wide range of styles: Americana, patriotic, peace songs, African American spirituals, classical music, folk music, traditional African music, Christmas music, and reggae music. This collection ranges from very easy to fairly difficult - in other words, no matter where you are with your kalimba playing, there will be songs here for you to work on, and you could keep working on songs in this collection for months and years to come.

This great new song download for the 12-Note Catania Kalimba will cost $20 - a steal for so much music. But for the month of Feburary, the download will be on sale for 50% off - that is $10.

What kind of songs are available on the 12-Note kalimba? Well, it turns out that about half of the songs that you can play on the alto kalimba also work for the 12-Note kalimba. In other words, this is not toy music, this is real music. The download includes the following titles:

Song NameSong StyleDifficulty
Away in a Manger Christmas 2
Bach Minuet in G Classical 3
Battle Cry of Freedom Patriotic 3
Beautiful Dreamer Americana 1
Blowin in the Wind Americana 2
Brahms Lullaby Classical 2
Bring a Torch Christmas 2
Buffalo Soldier Reggae 3
Bunga Utete African 2-4
Bustu Mtandari African 2-3
Chemutangure African 3
Children Go Where I Send.. AASpiritual 2
Daniel in the Lion's Den AASpiritual 2
Deck the Halls Christmas 4
De Colores Peace 3
Do Lord AASpiritual 2
Down By the Riverside AASpiritual 3
Electric Kalimba Demo Other 3
Emanuel Christmas 4
Finlandia/This is my song Classical/Peace 3
Follow the Drinking Gourd Peace 2
God Bless America Patriotic 2
Go Tell it On The Mtn AASpiritual 2
Hard Times Americana 3
He's got the Whole World.. AASpiritual 3
Jamaica Farewell Calypso 1
Jesu, Joy of... 1 Classical 1
Jesu, Joy of... 2 Classical 3
Jingle Bells Christmas 3-4
Joy to the World Christmas 2-5
Kum Ba Ya African/Peace 1
Last Night I Had the Str.. Peace 1
Mary Don't You Weep AASpiritual 1
Masterpiece Theatre Classical 4
My Country Tis of Thee 1 Patriotic 2
My Country Tis of Thee 2 Patriotic 3
New World Symphony Classical 2
Noboy Knows the Trouble.. AASpiritual 2
O Christmas Tree Christmas 3
O Come All Ye Faithful Christmas 3-5
O Danny Boy Irish 3
Ode to Joy 1 Classical 1
Ode to Joy 2 Classical 3
Old Joe Clark Americana 2
One Love Reggae 2
Over the Rainbow Americana 3
Peace Train Peace 3
Redempton Songs Reggae 3
Red River Valley Americana 2
Rova Ngoma Mtawasa African 3
Sadza Madya Here African 3
She'll Be Comin' Round...1 Americana 1
She'll Be Comin' Round...2 Americana 3
She'll Be Comin' Round...3 Americana 5
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot AASpiritual 3
The First Noel Christmas 3
This Land is Your Land American/Peace 2
This Land is Your...Chords American/Peace 2
This Little Light of Mine AASpiritual 1
Tis Me O Lord AASpiritual 2
Water Music Classical 5
Wayfarin Stranger Americana 3
Were You There When they.. AASpiritual 3
We Wish You a Merry Chri.. Christmas 3
You Fill Up My Senses Folk 3

The 12-Note Exercises book and the 66 Song download for the 12-Note kalimba are truly significant advances in the music available for this great kalimba.


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