Feb. 19, 2011

Vol. 6, Num. 2

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Kalimba Training in Wisconsin, March 24, 2011
GLR AMTA Meeting at Lake Geneva

Ask Mark
Grand Geneva Spa and Resort

Kalimba Magic will be offering a 5 hour CMTE (Continuing Music Therapy Education) program on March 24, 2011. If you are a music therapist attending the GLR Meeting on March 24-27, I invite you to sign up and participate in this opportunity to strengthen your kalimba skills and knowledge of using different kalimbas with different populations and/or age groups.

Some of the CMTE program will be similar to the recent Music Educators kalimba program I presented in Arizona to show music teachers several different ways to use kalimbas with kids age 5 through 105.

If you are not attending the GLR Music Therapy Meeting but you are in the Wisconsin area, you can still participate in this kalimba workshop. If you are interested, please visit the GLR AMTA website.

This will be a very hands-on training, and you need to take care of your thumbs! If you will be attending, I recommend you grow your thumb nails about 1/8 of an inch beyond your thumb flesh. If you find your thumb nails break easily, you may want to strengthen the nails with glue. Krazy Glue comes in a brush-on variety, and a $2 bottle will last up to 10 or more applications before the volatile chemicals evaporate leaving a sticky goo that doesn't dry very quickly (use this stuff in a well-ventilated area so you don't breathe the fumes!). If you can't have long thumb nails, I will provide Alaska Pics that you can place on your thumbs.

Also, be sure to bring in your old broken tired kalimbas yearning to play free - I will do my best to rehabilitate them.

And of course, I will be vending kalimbas as Kalimba Magic for the Great Lakes Region AMTA Meeting at Lake Geneva Spa and Resort on March 25-27.

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