Feb. 19, 2011

Vol. 6, Num. 2

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Kalimbas on Tiles

Are you doing something cool with the kalimba? Have you released a new CD, or a new video on YouTube? Do you have an upcoming kalimba performance? Do you have some cool photos to share? Contact us and we'll get your story or pics onto the Community page to help you share your news or other good stuff with the kalimba world!

Seeking Other Dutch Kalimba Players!

Marjanne would like to meet and play with other kalimba players in the Netherlands, but does not know any! No doubt there are thousands of people who play kalimba in the Netherlands - a few hundred of them are on the Kalimba Magic mailing list. You can contact Marjanne at m.romkema("at")hetnet.nl, converting the ("at") into the correct thing.

Marjanne, if you still don't find people to play kalimba with in the Netherlands, check out Stiggelbout Slagwerk, a seller of percussion and kalimbas in the Netherlands. I have trouble genavigatenen de pagen, but if you read Dutch, you should have no trouble.

Josh B Humphrey: circle of 5ths

Josh B. Humphrey Makes Innovative Kalimbas

Josh B. Humphrey builds guitars and kalimbas, including new style mbiras (with kalimba-style tines than can be easily adjusted), beautiful small kalimbas, and some large marimbulas.

Says Josh of this new "Circle of 5ths" style instrument, which can play chromatically and is good for accompaniment: "The instrument plays from C2 to C5, and is about 9 by 15 by 2.5 inches deep. It is also wired for stereo pickups (one left, one right). I will get a sound clip up as soon as I get the tuning dialed in. This one is going for $425. The size is flexible (could be several inches larger), and I actually started sourcing more spring tine material to extend the range higher. Any lower and I think it would get muddy!"

Josh B Humphrey: cherry kalimba

Kavin Lahue Finds a Cool Sansula Case

"I found this lunch bag that fits the box the sansula comes in. So you can just keep the sansula in its original box put it in this bag, it is slightly padded, there is a place for cd's, tabs ect. The sansula book fits as well you just cant zipper the top completely. The strap makes for easy carrying. I even put a piece of wood in the pocket so I can play the sansula on that. Check it out."




Kalimba Video: Over the Rainbows

Over the Rainbow is not a simple song - yet, a surprising number of people sing it and play it on the kalimba:


An Assortment of Kalimba Videos

Enjoy this assortment of unique and wonderful kalimbo-centric music!

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