Feb. 19, 2011

Vol. 6, Num. 2

Kalimba Magic NEWS

50% Off Instructional Downloads
For the Month of February with Code HALFDOWN

I recently met Lisa, who has been learning kalimba from Kalimba Magic instructional downloads and books, and she can play several songs from the downloads better than I can at this point. Her experience with the instructional downloads has motivated me to write and release more. Thank you, Lisa!

Instructional Downloads On Sale, 50% Off

For the month of February, all 18 Kalimba Magic instructional downloads are half price with the coupon code HALFDOWN. Each instructional download has PDF files for the tablature and KTabS* files. Some of them also have MP3 recordings of KTabS playing the music on my computer speakers (rather than a live recording of me playing the music and improvising or making mistakes that might confuse the kalimba student). And they all have a README file to help you understand what you have and how to use it. The files are all bunched up together as a single ZIP file, which most computers now know how to break up into the individual files - if not, you can get the WINZIP program for free.

These downloads range between $5 and $10 - so when you buy one at half price you will be paying only $2.50 to $5, i.e., it's practically like tossing a handful of change into a wishing pool or leaving a tip after breakfast in a diner - only you get to learn some music that could stay with you for the rest of your life.


List of Available Instructional Downloads


What Music Would You Like in a Download?

What sort of music would you like to get in a future download? Contact me and let me know what songs you would be interested in. The music may or may not be a good fit for the kalimba. I may or may not be able to write that music out for the kalimba. But it never hurts to ask!


Discounted Books or Downloads When You Buy a Kalimba

We just set up something new at the Kalimba Magic Shop: Now, when you order a new kalimba, there will probably be an option at the bottom of the page for you to add one of the instructional books or downloads for a 40-50% discount. This makes it easier for you to get a book that is right for your kalimba. And the book that you get will help increase your enjoyment of the kalimba.

* You can learn more about KTabS on this Learn How page. In order to view the KTabS format file, you will need to install the KTabS program on your Windows computer. You can download the KTabS Reader for free, or you can download the full KTabS Program in Demo version for free (it will work for two weeks, but you can't save any files). The full KTabS program costs $30, and I can tell you that with the number of hours I have used KTabS, it is worth $1000 to me! It is possible to get KTabS to run on the Mac: we have instructions for running it on Darwine HERE and you can check out using CrossOver Mac to run KTabS HERE.

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