Tunings of the Sansula
Part 1: Heavenly A Tuning

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The Hokema Sansula

This is the first in a series of music videos that will demonstrate for you the four book tunings of the Hokema Sansula. By "book tunings," I mean the four tunings that are covered in the Playing the Sansula book, including: the standard A minor, Beautiful E, Heavenly A and Morocco E. The objective of these videos is to help you to understand the wondrous potential in these tunings.

This month's video shows me playing a song that I wrote using Rick Tarquinio's Heavenly A tuning. I am playing the standard Hokema Sansula in this video.

There is some cool symmetry between the sides in this piece. The long center note (A) is like a pole and two cubes of 4 notes, one to the left and one to the right, are like energies being balanced around that pole.

By the way, the first section of this song is available in tablature in the book Playing the Sansula, so if you like this song, you can start learning to play it yourself. I'll probably make the rest available as soon as some folks start asking for it.

In this video Mark Holdaway plays an original song on the standard
Hokema Sansula
using a tuning that was invented by Rick Tarquino.

In the coming months, we'll post videos of more great new songs that use the other three book tunings. In the meantime, you can listen to example recordings of the four different book tunings here, and you can listen to example recordings and descriptions of the four different Sansula models here.

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