25% OFF SALE: JULY 17 and JULY 18, 2010

Use the Coupon Code Fast25 at the Kalimba Magic Online Shop on July 17-18, 2010 to get 25% off your order of kalimbas, sansulas, books, CDs, downloads and more! This coupon is good for everything in the Kalimba Magic Shop except the Thomas Bothe 2B kalimbas and Bourne marimbas.
Happy Mark

One of these days I'm going to figure out my business exactly right, and I'll have enough cash reserves on hand to pay all my bills before they are due. Until then, you can guess how much money I need by the size of the emergency discounts I offer, like this one now!

Yup, I am ordering a big, beautiful, new batch of Hugh Tracey kalimbas from AMI in Africa, but I will need to pay them beforehand so THEY can pay for the wood and the metal and the utilities and the good work of their kalimba-makers...

More to the point, this is WIN-WIN: Taking advantage of this walloping discount means you get a smokin' deal, and I get to replenish Kalimba Magic's inventory.

Note that the 25% off coupon will work for all Kalimba Magic products on July 17-18, 2010 EXCEPT the Thomas Bothe 2B kalimbas and the Bourne marimbas.


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