Free Pentatonic Tablature
Song From the Celeste Pentatonic Demo Video

Some time ago, I posted YouTube videos to show people what each of the kalimbas we sell sound and look like. A few people have requested the tablature for the Celeste Pentatonic demo tune.

Celeste Pentatonic Demo

The tablature I am giving you at right is the first phrase of this piece, which follows the amorphous intro. This was an improvisation, and I do not reproduce the improvisation exactly here. Rather, I have written a piece that is somewhat more orderly, though it is based entirely on the improvisation. This tablature works with the Box Pentatonic kalimba or any 11-note Pentatonic kalimba that has been tuned to the G major pentatonic scale.

Download the KTabS* file or the PDF file for the ENTIRE song.

* You can learn more about KTabS on this Learn How page. In order to view the KTabS format file, you will need to install the KTabS program on your Windows computer. You can download the KTabS Reader for free, or you can download the full KTabS Program in Demo version for free (it will work for two weeks, but you can't save any files). The full KTabS program costs $30, and I can tell you that with the number of hours I have used KTabS, it is worth $1000 to me! It is possible to get KTabS to run on the Mac: we have instructions for running it on Darwine HERE and you can check out using CrossOver Mac to run KTabS HERE.

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