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Hugh Tracey PREMIUM Kalimbas
Proceeds from these sales go directly to the AMI Workers in Africa

January Premium Kalimba

I pick out the best and most beautiful kalimbas, take individual photos of each one, make a custom recoding of each one, and sell them for a bit more. This means that the very best kalimbas will get in the hands of people who will really appreciate them. But I will also take the money I make selling these particular kalimbas and will send this on to Africa to the AMI workers who made these very special kalimbas. Please read from my "THANK YOU" notes I just got in the mail:

Mark Holdaway,
I Henry Marthinus hereby would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the money that you provided to me and my family. Your thoughtfulness and generosity will always be appreciated, and you have a wonderful way of making things happen. May the Good Lord bless and keep you, and your family for many more healthy and wonderful years to come. May the life of God surround you. His love enfold you. And His power prtect you.
Thank you, Henry Marthinus, AMI, Grahamstown.

Dear Mark,
Thank you for the money you have given us for school fees and health expenses. I will be able to get a new pair of glasses this year - two years overdue!
Regards, Louise

To: Mark Holdaway
In South Africa not all of the private sector institutions are giving their employees these kind of priviledges. Your scheme has been very helpful to me. Last year I got very sick and i had to go to the doctor time and again, I used lots of money during that time. Your scheme there, and helped my daughter with school uniform items. Thank you Mark for what you have done! God Bless!!
From Xolani.

Premium Hugh Tracey Kalimba 013:

Sunburst African Karimba+PU

Good sound, but the sunburst grain and color pattern is what really got my attention on this instrument.

Listen to premium kalimba 013.

Premium 013 face  Premium 013 side  Premium 013 back
Click on images for larger views.

You can purchase premium kalimba 013 for $220.

Premium Hugh Tracey Kalimba 014:

Countoured Box Pentatonic+PU

Beautifully artistic wood pattern, sounds great.

Listen to premium kalimba 014.

Premium 014 face  Premium 014 side  Premium 014 back
Click on images for larger views.

You can purchase premium kalimba 014 for $220.

Premium Hugh Tracey Kalimba 015:

Great-sounding Treble+PU Kalimba

This Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba with pickup plays very well and sings clearly.

Listen to premium kalimba 015.

Premium 015 face  Premium 015 side  Premium 015 back
Click on images for larger views.

You can purchase premium kalimba 015 for $220.

Premium Hugh Tracey Kalimba 016:

The Blond Alto

This kalimba just glows - move your head an inch or two, and the wood that used to be darkish is now bright. An amazing feature about kiaat. If you get this kalimba, you'll hear and see why my favorite kalimba of all is a blondie.

Listen to premium kalimba 016.

Premium 016 face  Premium 016 side  Premium 016 back
Click on images for larger views.

You can purchase premium kalimba 016 for $190. There are two minor nicks on this kalimba, hence the lower price.

Premium Hugh Tracey Kalimba 017:

The Red Stripe Alto+PU

This is a beautiful Alto with pickup. Actually, it is the only Alto + PU I have at the time, untill the new ones arrive in late March - I had a few others I was saving for premium kalimbas, but as I ran out of Altos+PU, they ended up getting sent to folks who just needed Altos+PU. The kiaat wood shows the brown, black, red, and blond colors.

Listen to premium kalimba 017.

Premium 017 face  Premium 017 side  Premium 017 back
Click on images for larger views.

You can purchase premium kalimba 017 for $240.

Learn more about the Premium Kalimba Program

This is how I find most of the kalimbas that become designated as Premium Kalimbas: I am packing up an order, I pick up a kalimba to fill that order, I play the kalimba to make sure it is working fine... If I fall in love with the instrument in the first minute of holding it in my hands, that kalimba becomes a candidate for a Premium Kalimba.

All proceeds from the sale of these very special Hugh Tracey Kalimbas will be sent back to African Musical Instruments (AMI), the company that makes the Hugh Tracey Kalimbas. AMI administers a fund to help pay for health care expenses and school fees for AMI employees and their immediate families.

Normally, when you purchase a kalimba the photographs and sound samples are of a representative instrument. For the Hugh Tracey PREMIUM Kalimbas, photos and recordings are for the exact kalimba you will get if you decide to purchase this one.

Read more about our premium kalimbas on our What's the Buzz at Kalimba Magic page in the July 2009 newsletter and our What's the Buzz at Kalimba Magic page in the June 2009 newsletter.

Thank you for considering the purchase of a premium kalimba. Together, we are doing something significant in helping real people in Africa. Kalimba Magic is moving along on steady enough footing now that I can invest more in my dreams. When you purchase one of these premium kalimbas, you are sharing the wealth and giving back to Africa—and helping to make this dream come true for me.


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