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The KTabS program has been my primary tool for documenting and disseminating kalimba music in a form that other people can readily understand. This month, I discuss:
Do you want to teach kids how to play kalimba? Here's a great trick for transmitting knowledge of a song to a roomful of squirmy kids...
Louise Fuller-Sloman is the person who keeps wood and metal flowing in the door and the kalimbas flowing out the door at African Musical Instruments (AMI). One cannot see oneself in isolation in this kind of work because ultimately everybody is working together, and it's necessary because everybody feeds off of everyone else. We wouldn't be where we are if we were all in isolation.
Alto Kalimba
We sold out of Alto kalimbas with pickups, so to make it up to you, we are doing 20% off of the TM Alto and TM Alto with pickup. These are great kalimbas with a connection to Africa's past, and they fit better in small hands than the box Alto kalimbas.
Playing Harmonica w Kalimba
The harmonica is a simple instrument that you can play with many instruments, including the kalimba! This month, we explain "cross harp" and show what that means for the kalimba. This is an interesting bit of information, even if you never touch a harmonica for the rest of your life!
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