Music Therapy and Specific Kalimbas

A Review of the One-handed Kalimba

(Kaitlin, June 2010) In this Kalimba Magic News article, a one-handed player reviews the one-handed kalimba. I like the sounds; I like the fact that anybody can do it; there aren't a lot of things with options for people with one hand, so I really enjoyed that. The kalimba is very adaptable.

Recommended Kalimbas for Therapeutic Work

(Mark Holdaway, November 2009) In this green paper, Mark recommends 10 different kalimbas, indicating what sort of use each is good for. Also includes a list of instructional books and downloads for each.

The Catania 6-Note Pentatonic Kalimba

The Catania 6-Note Pentatonic Kalimba is one of the least expensive instruments we sell and its simplicity and durability make it a great choice for music therapy. There is a free numbers-based song sheet for the 6-Note pentatonic kalimba. The 6-Note can be arranged for clients with use of only one hand. Even if you are working with a low functioning client, the songs in the songlist can be played in part. For example, you can sing and play "Not my brother or my sister, but its me, O Lord", and your client can play "1 - 1 - 2 - 2 - 3", a simplification of "1-1-1-1-2-2-3" = "Stand-ing in the need of prayer".

The 5-note chordal kalimbas, played in turn, are one of the most exciting kalimba developments for music therapists!

Children who can't even say "arpeggiated melody following a chord progression" can play exactly that, just by taking turns.

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Mark Holdaway of Kalimba Magic is available to demonstrate and teach kalimba to music therapists around the US and Canada.

Mark's presentations are fun and lively, and his knowledge of several different types of kalimba is unsurpassed. Writes one participant: "I was enraptured! It was a totally magical experience." For more information, contact Mark.