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09 December 2018

Exotic Sansula Tunings - G Major

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements

This is so different from the Sansula's melancholy standard A minor tuning

Exotic Sansula Tunings - G Major

"Oh - it's so small... it only has nine notes - that's not much."

I must admit, hearing comments like that always leave me a bit disconcerted. Yes, she was a piano player who was accustomed to having scores of notes at her fingertips. I could have explained to her: "This is a magical instrument that just creates its own music, just the way it is. These 9 notes have a special story to tell."

But the words did not come out. Instead, I started playing that small nine-note Sansula... and then picked up another Sansula in a different tuning... and then another. After listening, she nodded with understanding, and said "Oh, what a charming little instrument! And it seems there is not a single wrong note on it." Of course not! With only nine notes, you have to make them all count!

06 December 2017

Welcome to Kalimba Magic

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Quality, Selection Support and Service

Welcome to Kalimba Magic


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