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08 August 2017

Bea Lorenzo Plays Kalimba to Support Her Vocals

Written by Bea Lorenzo, Posted in News and Announcements

This Manila-based singer-songwriter has sunk her teeth into the Chromatic Kalimba

Bea Lorenzo Plays Kalimba to Support Her Vocals

[Editor's note: Bea has taken the Facebook world by storm with her evocative vocals and her simple but righteous kalimba playing. You should get to know her now, so you can say you knew about her way-back-when.]

 “I believe I speak for an entire generation of self-taught individuals when I say that the Internet allows us to take the initiative in building new skills. I spent a lot of time browsing websites including Kalimba Magic, before purchasing my own kalimba. So by the time I finally had the kalimba in hand, I had stocked up enough knowledge ready to be put into practice."