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29 February 2016

Backing Tracks from Kalimba Magic Videos

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements

You can jam along to these tracks with several different kalimbas

Backing Tracks from Kalimba Magic Videos

When I make a video of the kalimba, I often feel the kalimba needs support from other instruments, so I add some guitar or bass or rhythm tracks to get some lower sounds in the mix.  I have remixed those support tracks from five of my recent videos.  Most of them have a few seconds of kalimba in the beginning to help you get oriented in the song, and then the kalimba drops out and all that is left is the supporting instruments that should sound really good when you add your own kalimba playing.

How do you know which kalimba to use for which track?  We give you hints about several different kalimbas or tunings that will work for each.  You may very well have a kalimba that will work with one or more of these songs, and if you are willing to retune your kalimba, you can definitely make it work.

I'll also share a little secret about how I record this music - it will probably surprise you!