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08 October 2018

Learn to Play the Elvis Presley hit "Love Me Tender" on Kalimba

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements

Get Free Tablature, Learn from the Video

Learn to Play the Elvis Presley hit

A Kalimba Magic customer recently expressed the desire to play the eternally popular "Love Me Tender" on their 17-Note Kalimba in C, and the result is this blog post and free tablature for everyone to learn it. The 17-Note C Kalimba tablature is also usable with a 15-Note ALTO kalimba, and if you have Alto kalimba tablature, you can use it for your 17-Note in C - just be aware that the note names will be shifted by a 4th.

What's cool about this post is that we break the music down into three versions (on tablature AND on video!) - melody only, melody plus chords, and melody plus fully chromatic chords. This makes it so easy for you that it practically plays itself. Give it a look!

25 September 2018

Exotic B11 Tunings Overview

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements

We have four tunings out now - let's pause and consider

Exotic B11 Tunings Overview

The B11 is a really cool kalimba concept. Even though it has only two more notes than the Sansula on which it was modeled, it can go to many, many more places, musically, emotionally, and vibrationally.

Just as the Sansula does, the B11 naturally leads you down pleasing avenues of discovery. The lower notes work together one way, the upper notes work together another way, and the upper and lower notes can dance together in many ways.

But the arrangement of those notes - the exact order in which they are laid out - has a tremendous effect on a kalimba's music and its meaning to us.  Click through to hear and see the musics that several different B11 kalimba tunings can create.

30 September 2016

TIP: Alto Kalimba Riff #1

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in Tips

Free Tablature to help you play the music in this YouTube video on your Alto Kalimba

TIP: Alto Kalimba Riff #1

When you look at a kalimba, you see a tiny, unassuming instrument. But if the possibilities of the kalimba are considered all at once, they can boggle the mind. An easy way to reduce the overwhelm when starting to learn something new is to pare down the number of tines you use, making the kalimba into a simpler instrument.


If your Alto kalimba only had six notes rather than fifteen, it would be much easier, right?  This video will teach a very useful trick - temporarily marking a few notes on each side of your Alto Kalimba with a Sharpie marker to help you learn parts of a song.  By drawing your attention, it becomes easy to move your fingers to the tines that have the marks on them.  The riff (or repeated melodic phrase) we study here uses marked tines.

Sounds simple, right?  And it turns out you can make some really cool music with just a few notes!