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18 July 2017

Get Your Kalimba Playing Ready for the Holidays

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements

Christmas Music on Kalimba is so beautiful, and we have books to help you play music like this

Get Your Kalimba Playing Ready for the Holidays

The kalimba is a wonderful instrument for Christmas carols, with a peaceful and angelic sound.  I have spent many joyous hours learning, practicing, and performing Christmas carols on the kalimba.  More importantly, I have spent many diligent hours notating these songs for the Hugh Tracey Alto and Treble kalimbas so that you can also learn to play these carols.

Every year about this time, I get my Advanced Alto and Treble Christmas books out and brush up on my carols.  And each year, I add one or two tunes to my repertoire.  If you want to play Christmas carols this holiday season, now is the time to get an Alto or Treble kalimba, and/or a book (or pull out your old ones), and get practicing!

This post catalogs all of Kalimba Magic's instructional resources for holiday music, including free tablature, along with the kalimbas that work best for Christmas carols.

28 November 2016

The Magical Music Box

Written by Tabitha Danloe, Posted in News and Announcements

A delightful musical story for children of all ages, reviewed by Tabitha Danloe

The Magical Music Box

This is a really sweet musical Christmas story, written and performed by Mark Holdaway.  While this combination storybook and CD set is aimed at children, I think a lot of people would resonate with its beautiful message and the lovely kalimba music that accompanies it.  

On the eve of Christmas, with no gift for his own son, a poor toymaker finds an old, broken music box. He can't repair it, but an angel appears, and she magically fixes the music box.  But the music box is no longer a normal music box.  It now has a very special property: the music box speaks to the heart of whoever is winding it up, and plays their favorite Christmas song!