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16 February 2020

Stuck on How a Song in an eBook Should Sound? Listen to it!

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All songs in our downloads and books come with sound files, and here's exactly how to access them

Stuck on How a Song in an eBook Should Sound? Listen to it!

This morning, as I was playing kalimba and walking along the Tanque Verde wash, I answered a call from a customer who had bought the "44 Beginner Songs" ebook for the 17-Note Kalimba in C. She was so excited about progressing with the kalimba, her first musical success ever! She could read the tablature... but she said she didn't play any of the songs that she wasn't already very familiar with.

I quizzed her: "You do know that the ebook comes with sound files for each song, right?"

She did know that they were available, but didn't know how to access them. And I realized that if she didn't know how to get the sound files, there are very likely other people who need help. That help is here!


18 June 2017

"Edelweiss" for G, B flat, and D Trebles

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We provide free tablature, for all three Treble Kalimba setups, of both simple and advanced versions of the famous song

The song Edelweiss from "The Sound of Music" is a perfect little melody for the Treble kalimba. The first three notes of the song soar up beyond the root note to the 9th. You could play this song on an Alto, and you would have to do it in the lower octave of the instrument. You shouldn't, though, because it sounds so beautiful when played higher up, on the Treble. The standard G Treble and the Bb Treble both have a few notes above the top root note - in other words, these kalimbas were built for melodies like Edelweiss that go "over the top."

24 December 2016

Have a Magical Experience Playing Kalimba!

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A Journey through Kalimba Land - Where can you go?

Have a Magical Experience Playing Kalimba!

There are two broadly different types of gifts one can get for the holidays: one can get things, or one can get experiences.  When we fill our lives up with things, we can actually feel emptier.  When we fill our lives up with experiences, we are enriched.  We remember our experiences better than we remember our things.  And we are more present to our experiences.

To some, the kalimba looks a lot like a thing.  If you hang it on the wall or leave it on your coffee table as an ornament, it may just be a thing.  But the kalimba has a voice, and it has encoded intellegence.   If you put some time into it, the kalimba is really quite a fun experience.

Let me share with you what I mean.

20 November 2016

Sound Files to Help You Tune Your Kalimba

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Listen to MP3s for Alto, Treble, Sansula, Karimba, and Lotus

Sound Files to Help You Tune Your Kalimba

I've seen it happen dozens of times - maybe hundreds.  Someone gets a kalimba with the best of intentions, they sort of connect with it, but they are afraid to really take ownership of the instrument - they doubt their own ability to tune the instrument.  And so over time, their kalimba drops out of tune, playing becomes unpleasant, and the kalimba goes into the closet.

But I have also seen the opposite.  I have seen people who doubted their own musical ability and doubted they had the technical skills to maintan their instrument's tuning.  However, they so wanted to play the kalimba, that they overcame their self-doubt and connected with their inner musicality, trusted their ear, and successfully tuned their kalimba.

These sound recordings - where you hear me playing each note, properly tuned, slowly, from left to right, for some of our most popular kalimbas - should help you transition into successfully maintaining your instrument's tuning.