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03 August 2016

New Music Tabs for 2B/14 kalimba in "E1 Tuning"

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements, Tips

Half the 2B/14 kalimbas we shipped last month were in E1 Tuning - Now there is music for the E1 Tuning

Thomas Bothe is famous for his delightful kalimbas as well as for his unique, individual kalimba tunings.  However, there was one day last month when I was fulfilling orders, and I tuned three 2B/14 kalimbas to the E1 tuning - which is perhaps the classic 2B tuning that most represents Thomas Bothe's soul.  Simple, delicate, easy, and beautiful.

Two of the three customers requested the E1 tuning after they had learned about it from the various 2B tunings I have documented online.  The third 2B/14 customer just asked for "a special tuning" - and I thought "I'm gonna make this E1 tuning an extra special tuning by writing some extra special music for it!"

26 June 2016

The Thomas Bothe "2B" Kalimbas Return

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements

Get your 2B kalimba while they last

The Thomas Bothe

"I received my 2B/9 Kalimba several days ago and it is truly a magical little instrument... I LOVE it!  I love the A/C tuning too...great choice.  I am drawn to picking it up frequently and picking out random tunes.  I don't really now what I'm doing, but it always sounds great!"

    -  Marcy, 2016

 "The 2B kalimba arrived today.  What a dear instrument!  I just adore it"

     -  Vickie, 2016


18 December 2015

Interview: Thomas Bothe and his 2B Kalimbas

Written by Mark Holdaway, Posted in News and Announcements

This archival 2010 interview sheds some light on a remarkable kalimba maker

Interview:  Thomas Bothe and his 2B Kalimbas

The "2B Kalimbas" made by Thomas Bothe are very high quality instruments, and, clearly, labors of love. The care and attention to every detail that is evident in the workmanship of these instruments made me very curious about their creator. I was quite pleased that Thomas was able to spend a little time telling me about himself and his work.