Save Big on Hugh Tracey Kalimbas

I am getting a resupply shipment of Hugh Tracey Kalimbas from Africa in about 2 weeks, and to help me pay for this shipment, I am passing on big savings to you:

Code HUGHTRACEY20 saves 20% on Any Hugh Tracey Kalimba

Code HUGHTRACEY25 saves 25% on Any Order, Any Brands, Over $300

These coupon codes expire on Sept 19 2021.

Why Hugh Tracey Kalimbas?

  • The Hugh Tracey is the “Original Kalimba”, first made in 1954.
  • The Hugh Tracey Kalimba is still proudly made in South Africa.
  • The Hugh Tracey Kalimba is based on several different design elements of traditional African instruments.
  • The Chinese Kalimbas that have flooded the market in the last 5 years are copies of the Hugh Tracey Treble Kalimba.
  • Of the 11 kalimbas I most perform on, 7 are Hugh Tracey Kalimbas.
  • I got my first Hugh Tracey in 1986, and I’ve been loving them ever since!
  • There is a great diversity of Hugh Tracey Kalimbas… if the 17-Note is too small for your hands, check out the Alto Kalimba, the African tuned Karimba, or the Pentatonic Kalimba.
  • The Hugh Tracey Kalimba is the instrument that I had been playing and loving for 19 years before I got the opportunity to serve the kalimba community by writing books for the Hugh Tracey Kalimba and by importing and selling the Hugh Tracey Kalimba. It is my dream job, and I thank you for the support you have given Kalimba Magic through the years.

Check out this historic video of my 1986 Hugh Tracey Alto Kalimba. Yes, it is decades old, and I still play it, and it still sounds so sweet after tens of thousands of hours of enjoyment:

Hugh Tracey Chromatic Treble Kalimbas Expected By Sept 15 2021

The Joys of Playing the Pentatonic Kalimba

Where is Your Kalimba Made? The Hugh Tracey Kalimba is from Africa

Is The Hugh Tracey Kalimba Worth The Price?

The Original 1968 Hugh Tracey Kalimba Manual


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