Dear Mark, As a newbie, I recently purchased the Hugh Tracey student karimba, which I like very much. However, when tuning, I noticed that the bridge is not attached and can slide around. Is that the way it’s supposed to be? I assumed the bridge would be glued to the board as the backstop is. On the el cheapo kalimba I bought from Amazon and am going to return, both the bridge and backstop are glued. Can you advise? Is this a flaw in this particular karimba? If it’s a flaw, you will note that I just ordered a Hugh Tracey Alto Celeste. If my student Karimba is flawed, what would you think of sending me a new one in the package with the alto celeste and then I’ll use the same packing to return my current student karmiba. This assumes that the bridge not being glued is a flaw – I find it difficult to believe that an instrument for a student would have an unglued bridge, making tuning a challenge. However, if this unfastened bridge is the way it’s supposed to be, can I just return it for a refund? Please advise Thanks very much. I’m loving the instrument, as you can see by me ordering another Kim Peter Kovac. 341 Cloudes Mill Drive, Alexandria, VA, 22304

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