Wednesday, October 17, 2007
Performing on the Kalimba:
But are they paying attention to you?

There are all kinds of audiences, but you need to always feel that they are all basically good. One friend of mine would get through the "bad gigs", where it seems that nobody is paying attention, by telling herself that SOMEONE - at least one person out there - is really connecting with her music, and is maybe even being transformed by the beauty and emotions she is sending out.

The people in the audience want to have fun. They are good people, like you and me. They might have other objectives too, but they are here today or tonight because they know that it is possible for magic to happen in the music. It's just that sometimes you need to bonk them on the head so that they might be open to GETTING IT.

Fortunately, the kalimba is a perfect instrument for bonking someone on the head. Most people don't know what the kalimba is and have never seen one before. So, walk into the performance with the confidence that you have something new and beautiful and mindblowing.