Wednesday, October 13, 2010
The I IV V Chord Progression
I IV V Songs: Blowin' In The Wind

In the book Rise Up Singing the song "Blowin' In The Wind" is given in the key of C.

Blowing in the Wind from RUS in C

Since the Hugh Tracey kalimba comes in the key of G, you have two options for playing "Blowin' in the Wind": you can retune the kalimba to the key of C or you can change the song to the key of G, i.e., transpose the song.

Let's transpose the song to the key of G. Look back to last Wednesday's tip that showed the I, IV, V chords for every key. This is the golden key for transposing among keys - though it is missing most of the chords, it only has the I, IV, V chords. But you can see the I, IV, V in the key of C (that is, when C = I) will be the chords C, F, and G. In the key of G those chords are, of course, G, C, and D. First, notice that two of the three chords are the same - and be careful not to get confused.

To transpose from C to G, replace all C's with G's, replace all F's with C's, and replace all G's with D's - so each chord's role as a I, or as a IV, or as a V is still the same, but we shifted all chords down from the key of C to the key of G.

Blowin from RUS in G

By the way, we have one more chord beside the I, IV, and V - that is Am in the original key of C, which is Em (E minor) in the key of G. If you don't know Em, it is just like a G, but shifted one tine lower - see this pdf with the basic chords for the Alto, Treble, Pentatonic, and 8-Note kalimbas

to learn how to make that chord.