Wednesday, September 29, 2010
The I IV V Chord Progression
I IV V Songs: This Land is Your Land w Arpeggios

Listen to the I IV V chords played in arpeggios in "This Land is Your Land."

At first, just listen and say the chord names out loud as they change. Remember there is a quick three note pickup that happens before the C chord begins.

| C | G | D | G | C | G | D | G |

Here is the KTabS for the arpeggios in the recording, and here is the PDF for the arpeggios as played in the recording.

It is worth spending some time learning the patterns in these arpeggios. Just like a guitar player learning a finger picking pattern—it might take a hundred hours playing that pattern over and over to get comfortable with it—but that time will be well spent, because patterns can be used with different chords, tempos, grooves and styles.