Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Chords in Action

OK, I know it is an odd thing to be playing church music on an African instrument. That definitely has overtones of Christian missionaries stomping on indigenous cultures.

I'm a Quaker, and for hundreds of years, Quakers didn't believe in distracting their members with music. We still don't have music in our meetings for worship, so I don't really come from a tradition of Christian music mixing with my spirituality.

However, I DO find that the kalimba has a pure and delightful voice of joy, and I encourage ANYONE who plays the kalimba to rejoice through their instrument and to bring joy into the world through their music. (When it comes right down to it, that is the essence of my spirituality: lift up your voice and make a joyful noise! Be thankful for this life on earth!)

Having made my excuse for including a tune with clearly-Christian meaning (it means something different to me, and I invite you to find your own meaning as well), I invite you to play the Doxology. Why Doxology now? The last three tips have been about chords, and THIS PIECE is loaded with chords. See if you can figure out what those chords ARE by comparing Doxology with the chord tab from the previous Wednesday tips.

Doxology for Alto Kalimba
Alto doxology

Listen to the doxology on the Alto Kalimba.

Doxology for Treble Kalimba
Treble doxology

Listen to the doxology on the Treble Kalimba.

By the way, if you found this song helpful, there is a lot more stuff like this in my Alto Fundamentals and Treble Fundamentals books, which you can buy at The Kalimba Shop.