Wednesday, June 15, 2011
Developing a Repertoire
8: Making a Set List

Two weeks ago I suggested you keep a Song Notebook - basically a diary of what you play each day on your kalimba. Last week, I suggested you create a Song List - after you have been keeping a song notebook for weeks or months, it will be easy to gather the songs into a song list.

A song list makes preparing for a performance - i.e., making a set list - very simple. Ask yourself what types of music are required at the performance and go through the song list. If you have 20, 30, 40 or more songs on your song list, many will just pop out and say "Play ME! Play ME!"

I used to make set lists for performances weeks in advance so I could practice every song and get it into shape for a performance. (Some groups I play with still do that.) But now, with my extensive song list that contains mostly songs that are essentially ready to go, I can make a set list on the morning of a performance. I play through a bit of each song just to make sure I still have it. Sometimes I find that I need to work on a song to pull it out of memory.