Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Learning I'm Moving Tomorrow
Learning the Intro

Just last week I began this series in which I will be teaching you my song I'm Moving Tomorrow (mp3) on the Alto kalimba. Last week I gave you the KTabS file for the first half of I'm Moving Tomorrow, so you might get acquainted with the song.

This week we get started learning the intro.

intro to ImMovingTomorrow
Intro to I'm MovingTomorrow on the Alto Kalimba

Listen to INTRO (mp3)

Listen to ENTIRE SONG (mp3)

The intro starts out with parallel syncopated lines on the right and left sides, but notice that while the right side is going up the tines in steps of two, the left side does two steps and one step. Then in measure 5, the same basic figure is repeated, shifted down a tine.

OK, the low G can't be shifted down any more, so it actually gets shifted up. This time, the left side goes up two tines at a time while the right side is one and two. The first eight measures are basically repeated for measures 9-16, which we do not display here.

KTabS files for the first half of I'm Moving Tomorrow:

Complete song, Alto arrangment only:

Not familiar with KTabS?